Two things have guided my life.

  1. I was born with a passion for horses, but my father wouldn’t buy me a pony. Hence I ended up riding all the difficult ponies that friends and neighbours had no use for. I learnt early how to sit a buck (I seem to recall Rusty’s record being 23 in a row!) and wheedle an unwilling pony into performing. I loved all those naughty ponies, and LOVED winning them over. Thus is a horse addict born.
  2. The second defining moment was at the age of 17, when I came across the question, “Who am I?”. This was the first step on my inner journeying. At this moment I turned away from a ‘conventional’ lifestyle and took off into the unknown.

Somewhere along the way (age 22 in a commune in America) I realised that horses are the greatest teachers of meditative awareness. All the skills of being centred, fully present, and energetically aligned that I had been learning, were provoked in me by horses. Indeed, being calmly centred and aware is the secret of any great horse person, and something we can all learn.

And now here I am, much learning, and unlearning, and many adventures later, living in the magical hills of Southern Portugal. Yes, of course I still have horses! A herd of ten to be precise. Each one with a tale to tell. Each one my absolute favourite horse in the world.

As part of this horse-guided adventure that is my life, I have learned how to use essential oils and aromatic herbs to keep my animals healthy. Aromatics and animal self-selection are subjects I am passionate about, and I have developed my own unique way of working with them. I teach courses and write books on this subject as well.

Every day the horses help me learn something new. Sometimes about myself. Sometimes how to care for them better. Sometimes about an essential oil or herb, or similar. As long as I am alive I am learning, and vice versa, I guess. So that’s ‘me’ in a nutshell, what about you? Tell me who you are…..

For more info about me and what else I do go here:

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