Our Intention

  • To live with and learn from the horses
  • To become more self aware and centered with the help of the horses
  • To create a space that supports people’s meditative awareness and inner growth
  • To care for the land, to learn from it and help it thrive
  • To live totally, love much and enjoy all we have been gifted.
  • To live a life that gives more than it takes, and leave the planet more beautiful when our brief stay is over.

At Over the Edge, day to day life embodies Osho’s vision of living with total commitment to the present moment, embracing whatever it may bring, in the world but not of the world.

Meditation is our atmosphere. Horses are our medium.

Horses have inspired and empowered humans through the ages. They symbolise freedom, yet humans have turned them into ‘things’ and exploited them. Horses reflect the human condition of enslavement.  The way we care for horses reflects how we care for ourselves and our planet. Our horses can only be as free as we allow ourselves to be.

It is time to move beyond old traditions and limiting belief systems and live in alignment with the natural flow of life (the Tao). Horses and meditative self-awareness help us with this.

Caretakers of herd and land.

Our daily meditation is taking care of the horses and the land we share. We are leaving behind horse care that is convenient for humans but damaging to horses. Here at Over the Edge we seek a more equitable arrangement, where horses enjoy the benefits of domestication without the attrition.

We listen to the natural rhythms of the herd. We allow the horses to guide us in their care and show us what they need for true well-being. This way, we give them everything they naturally need AND the advantages of domestication. We call it ‘Nature Plus’ horse care.

It is also important to us that our land thrives and we live in alignment with our world. The cork oak montado of Portugal is a unique eco system. We aim to contribute to this positively,  in the time honoured Alentejo style of humans, animals and plant life nourishing each other.

We are also exploring how horses relate to us when given choices. At Over The Edge the horses live in an environment that provides their biological and psychological requirements as a free roaming herd. Will they still choose to associate with us? How? When? Why?

Horses delight and inspire us. Through their reflection we learn how to be centered and self-aware. To meet them unfettered, in their own environment, is an experience that empowers all parties and creates an atmosphere of peace.