Over The Edge Farm is near Sao Martinho das Amoreiras, in Southern Alentejo, Portugal.

We chose to live on this property because it is an ideal environment for horses. But Over The Edge is an ideal environment for humans too. Here, you can step away from the sensory overload of modern society into tranquillity. The only sounds are those of nature. The fragrance of aromatic plants and clean earth, shifts and changes with the breezes. Far reaching views of hills and sky inspire deep breathing and a sense of expansion.

Our accommodation is simple but comfortable. Our policy is “Make yourself at home”. Prices include nourishing vegetarian food, drinks, snacks, whatever you need.  Contact us with any questions you may have and we will help you create the perfect retreat.

4Oak Cabin


This romantic A frame cabin is a short walk up the hill from the cantina. It has great views over the lake and the far hills. It can be made up with either twin beds or double.

Contact us to reserve.

Zen-do East and West



Two single rooms on each end of this charming wooden building . Small and uncluttered in true Zen style, the Zen-dos are at the edge of the camp, overlooking the cork oak valley and beyond, but still close to all facilities.



The Annavan is cosy and convenient. You can watch the horses passing from your bed. It has one small double bed and is ideal if you need easy access to bathrooms.


This 5 metre caravan has 1 double bed and 1 single. It is somewhat self-contained, having a gas ring but no fridge, and its own breakfast/sitting area. It’s in the centre of camp, with easy access to everything. Great for friends sharing.


Laranja van

This caravan is by itself above the main camp. It’s good for those who like their own space and don’t mind walking a couple of hundred metres to the facilities. It has one  bed.




We have a communal kitchen/living space where we eat our meals. The cantina (as we call it) is the main wifi spot on the property. Internet is available but limited, so we ask you to keep usage within reasonable limits. We have 2 toilet units and 2 showers.

We run entirely on solar power and water from our well, so energy awareness is a priority. We do not have laundry facilities for general use, but might be persuaded into letting you use them under certain circumstances. We do have a lovely, spring-fed water hole, that’s great for swimming at your own risk (residents only).


Pick up from Funcheira train station €20 per car (up to 4 people).

Pick up from Faro airport €110 per car (up to 4 people)

Taxi to or from M.Sahaja, €15 per car (up to 4 people)



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You can see reviews in the comments below, or READ REVIEWS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

7 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. I had a great stay here while waiting to join a retreat in the area. It was just like staying with family. I got a chance to learn help with some of the farm work which was fun and great exercise. Very quiet and peaceful atmosphere, well maintained and great meals and conversations. Truly hospitable and kind folks who went out of their way on more than one occasion to see that I was well taken care of and had all that I needed. 100% recommended.

  2. I’ve had to wait til Valentine’s Day to write this review. It was supposed to be a poem but I’m not great with verses and all the words seemed too lacklustre to describe the feelings I developed for Over The Edge and its inhabitants in the few weeks I spent on the “farm” as a woofer.

    From the arrival at Funcheira station, throughout my stay I felt truly welcome and looked after by the Owners whose warmth and wittiness make everything fall into place with ease.

    Lodged at first in a sunny caravan and then in one of the rooms of a cute wooden duplex, I had the best sleep in months (and best awakenings too!). The silence, so difficult to find in a big city, and the kindness the place breaths with could cure anybody’s insomnia like a lullaby.

    As if this wasn’t enough, my childhood dream of merging with nature and spending some time near horses on their own terms did also come true. I loved being able to observe the preparation process of a horsey breakfast (made individually for every single horse), participating in a daily grooming (even under the risk of getting eaten along with the brush by a baby horse;-) and then seeing all the creatures run free through the cork-oak hills just like their wild ancestors.

    I loved all the little tasks I was allowed to help with as much as I enjoyed feeling my muscles hurt (and so exist) in the evenings, while sharing a drink and a conversation with Zena, Nayana and Dado.

    I often think of Over the Edge as a mythical place where the time has a proper value, just like a ripe fruit, a conversation under the sheltering sky or a meal prepared with love and care for others.

    And for all of that, thank you, my Friends.

  3. An unique place in nature with splendid landscapes and amazing vibes ! So beautiful and peaceful that far from feeling lost in the vastness of nature, you simply feel in the place where you had to be…!

    Nayana and Dado are perfect hosts, and they made a great job to welcome their guests in very cute and really comfortable cabins/caravans.

    But most of all, they are amazing persons, full of benevolence and love.

    I had an intense moment discussing with you and I m looking forward to coming back to know more about essential oils and horses care !

  4. I stayed at Over the Edge in July this year (2018). It was a fantastic visit. Nayana and Dado were extremely welcoming and gracious hosts. Dado is a fabulous cook and the food was beyond yummy and he worked around my quite restrictive diet. There is a dam which we were able to swim in, beautiful walks and the horses (and dogs) were magical.
    I hope I have the chance to stay again!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing home with my sister and me.

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