Life is learning

Our home is a fantastic classroom for learning about horses, nature, aromatic medicine and most importantly, yourself. If you love horses, or the idea of them, come and discover what they have to teach you, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

You will also have plenty of time to enjoy swimming in the lake, or walking and exploring this magical land.

Accommodation is either in wooden cabins or caravans. There is a communal kitchen/hang-out space, hot showers and plumbed toilets.

IMG_6236We will spoil you with delicious, multi-cultural vegetarian food, while you enjoy the view from the deck.

Choose from one of the options below, or design your own program.  To book, or if you have more questions, contact us

Mini break: €275 2 nights full board and one day learning for one person

Long Weekend Break: €575 pp for 3 days/4 nights full board in single accommodation. 10% discount for second person if sharing room

Per week: €775, 5 days/7 nights full board in single accommodation. 10% discount for second person in double room.

Full payment secures your place. 90% refund if cancellation made up to 2 weeks before. After that refund is at our discretion. 

In the presence of horses

healing-circleFor anyone who wants to know themselves more deeply and find the power of softness. No previous experience with horses is necessary.

By their nature horses act as a mirror for humans, allowing us to see our patterns and behaviours more clearly. In this week we will hang out with the horses, and see what they have to teach us about communication, clarity of purpose, strength and vulnerability, being centered and connected, and much more.

It is a profound and uplifting experience to hang out with horses who are free to interact as they choose. They help you see and understand yourself and connect you to the truth of your heart.

In these retreats we will hang out with the herd and learn from them how to be present with what is, and many other healing lessons. We will do simple meditations and awareness exercises to improve communication and observation skills and connect you to the nature of your being.

The time together will be fluid (learning how to flow is one of the first skills a human needs when being with horses). What we focus on will be dictated by your interests and what the herd gets up to.

Contact us to book

Developing Tranquil Assurance (4 nights/3 days €575 pp)


All great horsemen have one thing in common, an inner quietness that doesn’t waiver, I call it tranquil assurance. We can all develop this state of being for the good of our horses.

Do you want to improve your horsemanship skills? Then this is the place for you. My philosophy says that we should not be training our horses but training ourselves. When body and mind are quiet and aligned you can communicate effectively, making it easy for your horse to learn. Without that whether you work naturally, classically, at liberty, whatever, your results will empty.

In these few days we will focus on building your own inner quietness and self awareness, so you can develop a partnership with your horse based on mutual respect.

Firstly we will hang out with the herd to observe and emulate the subtlety of their communication.  Then we will do simple exercises to increase body awareness. We will practice qi gong to increase grounding, centering and energy awareness, and aikido exercises to develop your ability to direct your energy and influence your horse clearly and softly.

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Aromatic Animal Care

dog smells lavender
Reconnect with your instincts

The perfect holiday for anyone who loves animals, essential oils, peace and nature. You do not need prior experience of either essential oils or horses

Come and learn how we use essential oils and herbs to care for our animals. Experience our horses and dogs in nature and freedom as they select what they need for their well-being. You will learn theory and practice of animal aromatics from Nayana Morag, author of the book “Essential Oils for Animals”.

Subjects covered include:

  • All about essential oils, what they are and what they do
  • How we use them for day to day care of our animals, and how you can too
  • How to make gels, ointments, fly sprays and clays for first aid and daily care.
  • How animals select what they need for well-being.

Depending on the time of year, you may also harvest wild aromatic shrubs and make hydrosols, or macerate herbs to make ointments. In other words, you will be involved in all our aromatic goings-on. Contact us to book

Nature ‘Plus’ Horse Care


Come and experience first hand a herd of truly healthy, empowered horses. We live with our horses in a way that gives them the best of nature and domestication. We keep them free from predators and make sure they never go hungry. We provide them medicines, in the form of herbs and essential oils, allowing them to select what they need. We provide all their evolutionary needs. We call it Nature “plus” horse care.

Join us to see how horses keep themselves healthy, and how this knowledge can by adapted and applied to any domestic horse management. You will experience first hand

  • How we manage our barefoot horses,
  • What they choose to eat and how we supplement their diet,
  • How to use applied zoopharmacognosy for your horse’s health
  • What horses really want from humans, and a million other things besides.

Contact us or call +351 968 774022, also WhatsApp.

Any other options?

As many as there are people in the world! Let us know what you would like and we’ll help you arrange a program.